All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Since 1995, B.BOLD Content Studios Founder and CEO Benjamin Ringe has been developing and producing compelling and successful content for broadcast, cable, Broadway, first-run syndication, and branded entertainment for NBCUniversal and independent production. Genres include travel, lifestyle, LIVE events, true crime, home improvement, cooking, make-over, competitive reality, docu-dramas, documentary, natural history, exploration, and comedy.


Our B.Bold Mission

To create, develop, produce, and distribute returning content for any platform. For more than a decade, we've perfected the development of formats that match the strategy, mission, and platforms of our clients. We then produce compelling content that aggregates viewers. We take great pride in handing off a larger audience at the end of our shows. To this end we specialize in identifying great talent, passionate and entertaining experts, and gaining unprecedented access to hidden and unexpected worlds. When producing LIVE events, we create a beacon for social media to drive viewership toward being absolutely DVR-proof. Our goal every time: Make shows that people don't JUST want to watch... but are afraid to miss.  

“Ben is a perfect balance of creativity and confidence. He brings the best out of everyone around him while maintaining a unique vision as a storyteller... and he’s fun to have dinner with.”
— Alpinist Melissa Arnot - Summited Mt. Everest six times and counting

What We've Achieved

  • More than 90 credits to the Founder. ( for "Benjamin Ringe")

  • Over 20 years, helped two companies to more than quadruple in revenue and operating cash flow.

  • Produced on every continent sans Antarctica.

  • Produced in more than 20 countries and 40 States.

  • Founder and CEO Benjamin Ringe is a Fellow in Residence at the The Explorers Club, New York Chapter.

  • Developed programs that sold into 290 territories around the globe.

  • Created original formats that sold internationally.

  • Programs awarded multiple times.