Our Team

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Ben Ringe

Benjamin is known for ideation, development, production, and distribution both  domestically and internationally.

•More than 90 credits to the Founder. (IMDB.com for Producer "Benjamin Ringe")

•Over 20 years, helped two companies to more than quadruple in revenue and operating cash flow

–Produced on every continent sans Antarctica

–Produced in more than 20 countries and 40 States

–Developed programs that sold into 290 territories around the globe

–Founder and CEO Benjamin Ringe is a Fellow at the The Explorers Club, New York, World Headquarters

•Created original formats that sold internationally

–Programs awarded multiple times


JenNifer Hegarty

Jennifer began her career in New York as a at the International Rescue Committee before joining the United Nations in 2008, where she worked for UNICEF  and in the EcoSoc Chamber, gaining invaluable experience in governmental and international relations in the context of such pressing world issues as child protection, health, and development. After her years in UNICEF House, she applied her experience as an independent consultant for related social and environmental initiatives.

 For the past five years, Jen has held the position of Mark Rockefeller’s Director of Partnerships for his philanthropy initiative, Legacy Connect. In this capacity, she cultivated and managed partnerships with some of the most effective organizations and individuals addressing global challenges. Since taking on this role, the company grew from two non-profit partner organizations to over fifty, engaged with a dozen corporations, and nearly eighty celebrity influencers and thought leaders.

Recently, her work has expanded to include production and PR support, bringing together corporations, celebrities, and media to raise awareness and funding for the most critical of causes. Events included a deep ocean conservation expedition to Bermuda, a private lecture at the Explorers Club given by Lord John Alderdice, celebrity town halls at SiriusXM, bookings with Neil deGrasse Tyson for his Star Talk series, and fundraisers featuring comedians, bioluminescent cocktails, and Google VR.